Gathered MMXXII: Let's Try This Again

Gathered MMXXII: Let's Try This Again


Gathered is a monthly-ish collection of beauty found, secrets whispered, wisdom gathered, words kept, food savored, tears fallen, prayers offered, gentle ways of being, and life as art.


Per usual, my intentions for a thoughtful, lovely, honest monthly journal of sorts did not quite manifest this year. As the months slipped by, filled with deep and vulnerable things, along with the messy reality of failures and unknowns and meltdowns (they can happen at two and forty-two; ask me how I know!), I couldn't quite figure out how to jump back in. 

I still haven't, but here I am. October is here, a month that always feels like a sigh of relief and a quiet invitation to begin again. So, hi. Hello. How are you?

So far, 2022 has included some health concerns I'm still adjusting to, discoveries and growth I rejoice in, and surrender to the gritty day to day where I'm finding grace in the breadcrumbs of everyday. Motherhood does not look graceful on me. It is a refining fire that blazes hot and sears everything about myself that needs to burn away or become made new. I'm grateful for this. And I stumble on.


Show, don’t tell. It’s the oldest writing advice in the books, but we’ve become a desperate generation seeking armchair therapists and like / click / subscribe validation. 
I'm tired of stories of brokenness.
We’re all broken, in one way or another.
Life online has become a schoolyard battle of “I’m more broken than you” and so we all go home a little more bruised, a little more alone.
Advertisers markets to pain points. Influential creatives work hard to create a trauma bond with readers, hoping an eager “me too!” will land them another follow, another share, another movement, another avenue to fortune and fame.
No. I'm tired of this. 
But tell me how you’ve healed.
Tell me how you’ve overcome.
Tell me how you keep going, what you’re holding onto, even when you wince, even with your teeth clenched.
Give me the humble and the brave.
Give me the quiet determination.
Give me the trembling hallelujah.—social media blues. 08.12.22

you can’t spank the flesh out of someone
you can’t spank the Holy Spirit into someone
we are made in the image of God
raising future brothers or sisters in Christ.—note to self as I fumble prayerfully through motherhood. 08.13.22

words kept.

"As I look back on the years of mothering my own four children to adulthood, I am more convinced than ever that God created us to be lovers, teachers, spiritual directors, friends, and so much more to our children. When we become God‘s agents in passing on lifegiving messages to our children, we are serving him and his kingdom purposes in meaningful ways. We sacrifice our lives so that they can go into the world spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and with a virtuous character intact."—Sally Clarkson

"Your job is not to get everyone to like you. Jesus Christ said you are the salt, not the sugar."—Daniel Ally

"There are none so tender as those who have been skinned themselves." —C.H. Spurgeon

"Healthy boundaries sometimes look like missing people and still not letting them back into your life."—Alli Worthington

“The world will tell you how to live, if you let it. Don’t let it. Take up your space. Raise your voice. Sing your song. This is your chance to make or remake a life that thrills you.” —Shauna Niequist

real sweet life.

"bye bye, mommy."
"where are you going?"
"get nummies."

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